First Wednesday Prayer

We invite YOU to join us for First Wednesday Prayer.

Join us in the sanctuary for an hour of prayer at 7:00pm on the first Wednesday of every month! 

15 Minutes - Prayer Teaching

We start out with a 15 minute teaching to encourage our faith about prayer.

30 Minutes - Pray On You Own

With worship playing in the background, during this time you can pray on your own, take communion, pray over the prayer cards that have come in over the past month, or even pray with others!

15 Minutes - Church Prayer

The last 15 minutes we pray corporately for our church, the city, state and nation. 


  1. Can kids come? YES - its great training ground for your kids!
  2. Do I have to pray out loud in front of people? No -
  3. What if I don't know how to pray? Come and learn - it's a safe place to learn and grow in your prayer life!